What Time Is Happy Hour At Applebee’s Near Me?

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Applebee’s is providing a great deal of 50% off on the Food & Drinks but for that, you need to know about the Applebee’s Happy Hours. because of the Great deal available only at the time of happy hours.  to take advantage of Applebee’s Happy hour you need to find the Applebee’s Near me.

So, go foodies to take advantage of Applebee’s Happy Hours and Find Your Nearest Applebee’s Locations.

About Applebee’s Internation Inc.

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Applebee’s International is the biggest company in the USA. the Applebee’s restaurant is a subsidiary of the Applebee’s International company.

The Applebee’s is established in the year 1980 by Mr. Bill Palmer and T.J.Palmer. its headquarters is located in California. it has owned 2016 locations in the USA. It has total assets of 935 million$.


Applebee’s restaurant corporate office

Applebee’s corporate office address: 8140 Ward Pkwy, Kansas City, MO 64114, USA

Applebee’s corporate number: +1 888-592-7753

Applebee’s Corporate website: https://www.applebees.com/

Applebee’s Happy Hours

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Happy hour treat is a legend for the Applebee’s restaurants. Applebee’s providing Best food and deal to their customer. they provide 50% off on food and drink at the Applebee’s Happy hour.

Applebee’s Happy Hours 
Monday  Day -3 PM to 6 PM
Late Night – 9 PM
Tuesday Day -3 PM to 6 PM
Late Night – 9 PM
Wednesday   Day -3 PM to 6 PM
Late Night – 9 PM
Thursday Day -3 PM to 6 PM
Late Night – 9 PM
Friday Day -3 PM to 6 PM
Late Night – 9 PM
Saturday Day -3 PM to 6 PM
Late Night – 9 PM
Sunday Day -11 AM to the Midnight
Late Night – 9 PM

Applebee’s Hours

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Applebee’s restaurant is open all day of the week in a year. it opens at 7 AM in the morning and closed at 1 AM. It’s opening time is differs on holidays may be the restaurant is opening late and closing earlier from the routine timetable.

Applebee’s Happy Hours 
Monday  7 AM – 1 AM
Tuesday  7 AM – 1 AM
Wednesday  7 AM – 1 AM
Thursday  7 AM – 1 AM
Friday  7 AM – 1 AM
Saturday  7 AM – 1 AM
Sunday  7 AM – 1 AM

Applebee’s Locations Near Me

You Can find an Applebee’s Location Near me by using Applebee’s locations menu. It is easy to find out an Applebee’s Near Me. you just need to write-down your city or state or zip-code and you can easily find your nearest Applebee’s Locations.       

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